earn2Jam is a unique approach to soloing built upon 40 years of practical, hands-on, real guitar playing experience in thousand of gigs and tens of thousands of songs. It is battle field tested and used by Tony every time he takes the stage to perform.

Learn2Jam is based upon the simple premise that if you can learn and master four songs on the guitar – you will have gained the fundamental skills necessary to play a lead or solo to any song. These four songs contain the fundamental elements or building block necessary to create your own solos. They are the foundation or cornerstones upon which ALL of your solos will be built.

You will learn the importance of each individual lick contained in these 4 songs. Tony, the creator, personally narrates these videos and breaks down each riff from each song, so that you will learn how to play it and when to use it.

After mastering the four cornerstone songs, Tony works with you and walks you through a series of 11 jam tracks which expose you to different song styles, keys and rhythms. Here's where you open up your improvisational possibilities and have fun, weaving your way up and down the neck of the guitar, creating your own solos.

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