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Get inside the head of an awesome, professional guitar player

"You have to try this! It is a set of DVD's that gives you an opportunity to get inside the head of an awesome, professional guitar player. You will see how he sees the guitar when playing a solo in many different styles. I have always wanted to spend hours with a great guitar player and just pick their brain. Now I can, whenever I want. In my Own Basement TOO!

You will have to work hard, but it is worth it. You will learn 4 classic songs and open the door to learn hundreds of more. Just buy it! I watched the entire set clear through the first time without my guitar just to listen and learn. The second time I was playing and working. The more I dig the better I become. This is not a study of massive scales. This is just simply teaching how to play. I wish I would have had this (course) years ago. I would have been playing better solos much sooner.

Gary B.
Guitar Player - The Distractions

Thank you for some unbelievable customer service.

Thank you for some really unbelievable customer service. I never imagined getting this resolved in as little time as it took. I have downloaded the files and will reinstall later. Many other companies could learn from you and how your company does business. I would have no second thoughts about doing business again. Thanks for you help and by the way, I do enjoy the Guitar Leads product I purchased.

Mike Steininger Texas

The sales service was fantastic.

I have just started the course and I am finding it really good. The riffs and leads shown make it really easy to learn the rest of the song. Especially slowing down to half speed is great. The sales service was fantastic and left me very impressed. Especially when there was a problem with the disc production, the problem was rectified immediately. Can't wait for volume 5 and hopefully beyond.

Glen Everett
Green Point, Australia

Impressed with the service I received.

Got the disks you promised thanks again for your time and help I was impressed with the service I received from you. Hey you know I checked out (reelin in the years) that piece is a real good work out never thought I would ever be able to pick that up but I've been working on it and with guitar leads it's right under my fingers.

Bob Wood
East Hampton, CT

I can't believe it.

I can't believe it. This is undoubtedly the fastest response I have ever received from a person in the business world. You are to be highly congratulated. You have made my decision easier when it comes time to order more lessons. Thanks again.

Allan Rathbeger

It's the best guitar course that I've purchased so far

I already knew the pentatonic scales, this course has given me the knowledge to be able to move up and down the fret board instead of being stuck in one area when I solo. Learn2Jam has provided the tools I need for continual improvement in my guitar playing. It's the best guitar course that I've purchased so far, there's nothing that I've seen that needs improvement. Great course.

Wayne Fazekas

Thanks for a great program.

Tony, I am enjoying your learn2jam course. I have been playing acoustic for many years now and forgot a bunch of lead techniques. Your program has been perfect for me to get back into lead electric guitar. I have just finished Ramblin Man on my way to Johnny-b-good. I am having trouble with full bends and getting unwanted sound out of the adjacent strings on the upside of the full bend. And sometimes on the release of the full bend, I'll hit the low-side string. Any secrets or advice on how to get a "clean" full bend? What do you do to not get any sound from adjacent strings? Thanks for a great program.

Joe Paljug