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The Learn2Jam course is supported by a full service Help Desk that contains a Support Ticket system and a Knowledge Base. Although all initial support requests should be initiated thruough the Help Desk, we do provide support by PHONE, in some instances, when the Help Desk system has been unsuccessfully or too lengthy. We also conduct Remote Assistance support sessions in some situations. Remote assistance allows us, with your permission, to log onto your computer from our desk top, enabling us to see more clearly what is going on – thus allowing us to solve your problems more efficiently.

Support Methods

Below are a few of the most common FAQ’s about Learn2Jam. If you don’t see anything related to your question or issue, please see the more extensive list of FAQ’s at the Help Desk, or complete a Help Desk Ticket.

Q1. Does the Learn2Jam Course Run on Both Windows and MACs.
A1. Yes.

Q2. Does the Learn2Jam Course play on DVD Players.
A2. Yes, the course will play on standard DVD Players

Q3. Are there any zone geographical zone restrictions on these DVD’s?
A3. The DVD’s have not been restricted by geographical zone and should play anywhere in the world.

Q4. Can I watch the DVD's in this course on computer and a television?
A4. Yes! The DVD filming was done in a 16 X 9 format. In some sequences there will be chord tabs which extend into this horizontally expanded format. So, although you can view them on an older conventional TV, the best viewing will be done when watching on a newer computer monitor or flat screen television

Q5. Why is it that there are so many different background settings in the video lessons?
A5. The design, filming and final production of the course has taken 16 months to complete. During that time, there were many different recording sessions and subsequent clothing, prop and lighting changes. While our priority is to give you the best musical, instructional content, we did take license and provide you with some funny background props. We trust you will enjoy these setting changes.

Q6. What prior musical knowledge or experience do I have to have in order to take the course?
A6. Good question. The short answer is: "almost none." The minimal amount of guitar knowledge that you should have is knowing the names of the 6 strings, some basic chord knowledge and knowing how to read chord tablature.

Q7. What if I do not know how to read chord tablature?
A7. There are many free web sites on the Internet that can help you learn how to read tabs in less than 30 minutes. That should not stop you from investing in your learning to solo with my course. If you find that you still uncomfortable after giving the course a test drive, we have a 100% money back guarantee, so you can't lose.

Q8. How long will it take before I can play my own solos?
A8. Well, depending on your level of experience, you may be able to take the concepts in the course and begin playing better solos immediately. For those who have little or no experience playing solos, the majority of the course will give you totally new concepts that will take ongoing practice in order to build up your riff and lick arsenal. But, no matter who you are, you will be able to understand and use the concepts immediately and see progress immediately. The learning speed depends on you.

Q9. I see there's a booklet with this course. What's in it?
A9. The booklet will show you every tab for every lick in every one of the four songs in the course. These are the licks that will give you what you need to build your own improvisational solos. In addition, there are "Take-Aways" under each tab, which tell you what benefit you will receive from learning each riff and/or what to practice. Finally, the eleven "Jam Trax" songs' chords are included should you want to play along. There are also accompanying suggestions and instructions to help you with these tracks.

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