Guitar ToolBox

Slow Down Music and Songs

Song Surgeon is a software product for musicians that changes pitch, tempo and EQ, and allow for the setting of loop points for repeated playing. Changes made to the song, once saved, become permanent. Available for both Windows and MAC systems.

Video Playback Zooming and Slow Down

Video Surgeon automatically detects and helps you download video files found on Youtube and 1000’s of other sites. Playback in Video Surgeon enables you to slow down, speed up, change pitch, zoom-in and set loop points. Turn ordinary video into learning tool. Great app for anyone that uses video for instruction, teaching, learning, lessons and analysis.

Interactive Guitar Leads Lessons

The Guitar Leads Master Volume consists of more than 425 individual practice segments, taken from more than 80 classic rock songs. Each lick, riff, or practice segment comes with full and half speed audio, accurate tabs, and crank-up-the –volume guitar audio quality.

Guitar Tabs Explorer

A new, rapidly growing site that helps you learn to play your favourite songs on guitar with tabs, chords and video lessons.

Top Music Slow Down Products

Visit the Rated By You website and see a review of some of the top audio slow down products on the market today.

Batch audio file conversion

Audio Switch is the best file conversion software on the market. It open both audio and video files and allows you to convert them to any of the standard audio file formats. It also enables you to perform volume normalization on the files your convert

YouTube Video Maker

SlideTrax is an inexpensive software program that effortlessly allows you to create a video from your audio files. There is almost NO learning curve. It the fastest and easiest way to convert audio files of any kind into video so that it can be uploaded to YouTube.