Learn Four Cornerstone Songs...
And Build A Foundation
That Will Enable You To Jam
And Take A Solo To Any Song
Hendrix, Clapton, Santana or Your Own!


Hi and welcome! I am Tony AJa, I am the creator of the Learn To Jam series of lessons. This course that I have created is based upon the simple premise that if you can learn and master four songs - and only four (4) songs on the guitar – you will have gained the fundamental skills necessary to play any lead or solo to any style of music...more on that in a bit though.

Let's face it, "music is music" and we all want to be ready and able to take a solo when the time is right. Or maybe we just want to jam to our favorite songs in the comfort of our own home. No matter how good we may be, we all have experienced being frustrated by not being able to "step up" to the challenge of playing something that we or our friends think is cool! Or perhaps, we just want more variety in our soloing riffs. Or more basic, we just want to learn how to take a solo.

Benefit From My 40 Years of Guitar Playing Experience

Let's say that you are asked to be the lead guitar player in a new group you want to join. Or maybe you have to audition to get into your school's jazz band? Have you ever wanted to jam along to your favorite songs and be able to play the solo that's on the CD or better yet: Create your own solo to it! Have you ever been stuck and just haven't been able to put a solo together that will stretch across the fret-board from the bottom to the top of the neck? Are you unfamiliar with how different styles of music: Rock, Punk, Progressive, Country, Metal, Reggae will affect your choice of notes? Are you unsure of what scales you need to play along with a song of that style of music?

I know that I've asked you lots of questions and now I am going to provide you with THE ANSWER that:

The Birth of The Learn To Jam Formula

I remember spending hundreds of hours trying to piece together different guitar licks so that I could move away from soloing in one spot on the guitar neck. I was stuck using the same notes in the same neck region. Ever have that problem? I just couldn't break out of my slump. That is, until one day when "that light bulb" was turned on and I saw the light. It finally dawned on me that the solos that I had been listening to and trying to learn were made up of patterns that my brain learned to see. I thought that if I could formalize a way of using these patterns and then learn to use them all over the guitar neck, I could open a world of limitless soloing possibilities.

But, what if you have never taken a solo before? What if you've never jammed before? Then you have found the best soloing course available today. It will help you learn, from the beginning, the essential tools needed to solo in the quickest time possible! I start from the very beginning and give you the building blocks that you will need not only to learn other player's solos, but more importantly: Your Own!

Let's face it: it's great to be able to play other guitarists' solos, right? (I make a living doing just that.) But let me tell you that the real magic comes when you are able to step up and play YOUR OWN SOLOS. These are the Solos that YOU have created because YOU know how to create them and what to do and when to and where to play them. That is what this course is all about.

The only thing that does matter is that you WANT to learn to jam... Want to learn to solo... Want to learn to be a better guitarist. That's it! You and I will do the rest. There's no boring scales, music theory or hours of practicing before the lessons in my course. You just bring yourself and your guitar. I will give you everything else you will need to jam along with Santana, Toby Keith, Eric Clapton, Bob Marley, AC/DC, Metallica, Jimmy Page and the other guitar superstars.

The Learn To Jam Approach is Not Theory
It's The Same Practical, Hands-On Approach
That I Use Every Time I Perform

I suppose you want to know how I can be so sure that I can show you how to jam and learn to play solos along with your favorite songs in no time flat. Well, I know the time and effort it took me to learn and I have synthesized it down so that I know just what I need to teach YOU, to save you years of time, money and unnecessary learning.

Allow me, if you will, a few moments to tell you briefly about my performing experience. Over my 40 years of guitar playing and singing in various road bands, I have played in front of hundreds of thousands of people. I have personally performed on stage with The Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, JJ Jackson, Billy Swan, The Temptations and opened for Tim McGraw, Little Richard, Grand Funk Railroad, Foreigner, The Dixie Chicks, Ray Charles, Gary Puckett, Chuck Berry, KC & The Sunshine Band, The Four Tops, Mary Wilson of The Supremes, The Contours, Faith Hill, The Diamonds, The Vogues, Lee Greenwood, Percy Sledge, The Drifters, The Pointer Sisters, The Everly Brothers, Hall and Oates and on and on... In each of these wonderful experiences I was called upon to improvise solos to songs written by other artists. Because of my "4 SONG SOLOING SYSTEM" I knew just what to do. You see, from my real-world experience, I truly know what it takes to play a good solo. Now there are no more excuses. It's your turn to do it.

The Learn To Jam Formula

HERE'S MY FORMULA FOR SUCCESS: I have found that there are 4 songs that have the key, the fundamental the building block elements needed to create your own solos—and to allow you to improvise and Jam to any song. THESE ARE THE "CORNERSTONE SONGS" AS I CALL THEM. (They have been magic to me because they have opened many doors allowing me be a full-time on-the-road musician.)

NEXT: We will learn the importance of each individual lick performed in these 4 songs. These will become your soloing tools that you will use for a lifetime. I personally, break down each riff from each song, so that you too will learn how to play it and when to use it.

FINALLY: You and I are going to jam together. I have personally created 11 jam tracks which will expose you to different song styles, keys and rhythms. Here's where you open up your improvisational possibilities and have fun, weaving your way up and down the neck of the guitar, creating your own solos. In addition to the jam tracks, there is a video where I play with each song and point out what licks to use and other riff choices. Then, as a final review, we will recap the course by looking at all of the key elements one more time and make sure that you have learned the tools we have been through in the course.

Tony Aja
Lead Guitarist

p.s. Now is the time to get started. If you already have an idea on how to go about building a solo; that's great! I invite you to take the course and take advantage of my 40 years of road soloing experience. If you are not fully satisfied, it will please you to know that I offer a no-questions-asked, full 100% money back guarantee.

Trust me, I have checked out the other guitar courses out there and I haven't found anything that will teach you to solo, in as short amount of time as my course. Whatever your reason for playing the guitar, today is the day to take your next step. I guarantee that you will be pumped with "LEARN2JAM" Let's get started today.